About Sarah Dobson & Co


We help early career researchers write outstanding grant applications to NIH.

The grants we’ve consulted on have brought in more than $40 Million (and counting).

Not only do we help you to write a clearer, more persuasive application, we help you avoid the write > burn out > recover cycle that makes the grant writing process so miserable for most researchers.

In fact, our goal is to keep you connected to the passion and curiosity that brought you to your research career in the first place.

We know it’s hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic when you’re burned out, fried, or frustrated that you keep getting overlooked. But…trust us here…

Your enthusiasm for your research is a competitive advantage.

In a highly competitive funding environment—where more than 80% of applications are rejected—you need to make sure your research stands out.

And that takes a lot more than an impactful research idea and a solid approach. That might help you avoid getting triaged…but it won’t help you get the grant.

The key to getting funded is to get your reviewer as excited as you are about your research.

We’ve conquered dismal success rates and brought in millions of dollars in funding by helping researchers do just that.