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Grant Writing Workshop

Starts July 6th, 2021


Get Your Next Research Grant In Competitive Shape In 12 Weeks—With Help from Sarah Dobson

Demystify the grant writing process and write your most competitive research proposal—ever. In this 12-week online training program we'll transform your seriously blah research grant into a powerful competitor. Learn from a grant writing expert who has helped PIs bring in millions of dollars in research funding in fiercely competitive environments like NIH and CIHR.

This is for you if...

  • You're an early career researcher
  • You're thinking about writing a new application for the winter grant cycle (NIH, CIHR, or other health research funding agency)
  • You're slogging through a resubmission that needs to be ready for June
  • You can't seem to figure out why your grant applications aren't scoring well enough

You'll Get...


Skills to Make Your Grant Stand Out From the Competition

Your instructor, Sarah Dobson, will train you in the I-can't-believe-no-one-taught-me-this techniques you need to set your application above the competition—the same techniques that she uses to help her clients get millions in funding from agencies with success rates of less than 20%.


Weekly Drills to Keep You on Track 

Sarah will put you through your paces for 12 weeks, so you know exactly what you should be working on...and when.


Expert Coaching to Fine-Tune Your Grant

Get all your grant writing questions answered in regular Q&A sessions.


World-Class Grant Writing Training...for FREE

Thanks to the generosity of Edge for Scholars, we're able to give you this 12-week training program for $0.00.  (Yes, really.)

"So often, the really important information is buried deep in the grant because we don't really know what we're doing, on some level, and it comes out in the grant. Sarah makes you really think through what you want to do. She makes you do the work, not the reviewer. Sarah’s training offers a clear, focused approach, and she provides a framework to help you do what you need to do to get the reviewers interested in your project. "

-- PhD, Vanderbilt University
Praise for Sarah's Previous Workshops

If you want a successful research career, writing great grants is not optional—it's essential.

This is a rare chance to get grant writing training at this level...for FREE.

Starting July 6th, you'll have six core grant writing lessons and 12 weeks of support inside a free online workshop. This program is designed to get you to the finish line for winter deadlines with a proposal that's clear, compelling, and competitive. 

If you're frustrated with grant writing, if you haven't seen the scores or the results you want, then join Sarah in this 12-week training to take your grant writing to the next level.

The lessons and techniques can be applied to any funding agency. 

Register now to get early access to the online community and prep materials so you can get started right away.

A Note From Your Instructor,

Sarah Dobson...


It's back! More than 2500 researchers from across the globe went through this incredibly popular training in 2019 and 2020. Plenty of them got grants submitted—and funded. Don't miss this opportunity to hone your grant writing skills. See you inside the workshop!



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Starting July 5th, 2021